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Our Terms & Conditions

Please bear in mind that 100% customer service and customer satisfaction are our priority. A concise copy of our terms and conditions are available to you upon request.


These terms and conditions apply to all of our professional cleaning services regardless of how you hire us. I.e. By phone, online, fax or a face to face booking.


We reserve the right to deduct commission on advance contracts if our client fails to adhere to our contracted hours agreed per week.


We request that the total balance be settled once all contracted cleaning services are completed.


With all offices estates agents, property Management companies and building contractors we allow 30 days on the invoices to be paid any invoices over 30 days will incur a 5% late fee.


It is mandatory for you, the client, to inspect the services provided.


It is the responsibility of the client to notify us within 24 hours of completion of service if they are unhappy or there are any problems with the service we have provided.


In case of dissatisfaction of our service by you, the client should agree to allow us to attempt to re-do the work in order to rectify any problems. If the client is still dissatisfied we shall then consider offering a refund.


During the booking process, the client is obligated to provide us with the required information in order to complete the booking. I.e. Payment details. Once we have received this we will send confirmation via email no later than one day before the work will commence.


You should give us at least 48 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel a booking with us.


It is the clients’ obligation to remove and protect fragile and valuable items.


You agree to provide access to hot water and electricity supply in order for Diamond Dust Cleaning Services to carry out their duties.


Diamond Dust and our cleaners are fully insured and as such are able to pay any liabilities caused through damages on the condition that we are duly notified.


We shall provide the necessary cleaning tools and equipment required in order to carry out our services. However, in cases where specialist methods and equipment are needed, we shall indicate this in the agreement we made with you, prior to the commencement of the services you entrusted to us.


With regards to CARPET CLEANING – Diamond Dust Cleaning Services shall accept no liability for any damage to your carpets that occurred prior to your engagement with us. This should be clarified before commencement of our services.


We reserve the right to 50% of the cost of the cleaning contract and also require at least 48 hours’ notice should there be a cancellation of service. We shall be unable to provide any refund if our client fails to do this.


It is mandatory to inspect the outcome of our services and to provide details of any complaint if our client is not satisfied. If we do not rectify the problem to our mutual satisfaction, the client then needs to notify us in writing, otherwise all claims shall be forfeited.